From the initial creative conception (Summer 2012) to the capturing of principle photography, Two Cares Due None is a film whose production was necessitated by the cultural and geographic uniqueness in Iceland, Italy, and Canada.

Reclusively stationed on the Northern most peninsula of Iceland, The Community are patiently awaiting the arrival of The Caretaker, a man hired from overseas to take-on janitorial duties during their meditation. While The Community meditate on negating all material possessions from their consciousness, The Caretaker (Sebastian Frye) is instructed to individually take, photograph, package and then consecutively ship their possessions over to Italy, where The Programmer (Mario Di Palma) – the brains behind this conspicuous process – lives and works.

Once taken from them, The Community's artifacts are charged with an exemplary worth and value, much like ancient archeological relics from tombs or fallen empires – transcending into culturally invaluable, historic elements. The contagion of this ordeal is entirely manifested by The Programmer whose sly, astute, and contemplative Italian nature is executed fashionably. By selling the artifacts to a circle of enthusiastic collectors in Italy he has “created” what is now deemed as culturally indispensable.

In our 21st cyber-century, we can see that material worth is quickly becoming weightless. The creation of The Community by filmmaker/artist collaborators Chris Boni and Melissa Fisher is a direct reply to our digital universe and the psychological and phenomenological capacities of our soonto- be antiquated possessions.

Two Cares Due None also integrates the object-worth founded within visual art through The Caretaker's stepsister (Jessica Vallentin), an emerging curator at Narwhal Projects in Toronto. Though curious as to how her step-brother acquired such objects, she surely reads their sublime energy as worthy and finds a place for them within the stream of her gallery.

Music and atmosphere are of utmost importance when considering a film like Two Cares Due None where the audience is mitigated between surrealism, naturalism, mystery and suspense. Local Toronto band Absolutely Free (currently known for their popular single UFO) are replying to the scenic locations, concepts and poignant production design with a score that is gorgeously haunting and masterfully responsive to the emotions conveyed. Michelle Irving is responsible for engaging sonic adjectives and magic-realist tones through her superior sound design, and Zak Tatham will be creating computer generated effects to suit and exceed eccentric motifs throughout the film.