The FIlm

The Curator - Jessica Vallentin
The young and successful Toronto based curator is the distant step-sister of The Caretaker. She works for the most commercially engaging art gallery in the city, having produced shows independently up until landing this job a year ago. The Curator is eager to please The Dealer by incorporating unique elements into her exhibition concepts. Investigating the whereabouts of her step-brother after missing his birthday this year, she is suddenly sent a package from the secluded village and now feels the conceptual vigor The Community's artifacts have to offer.

The Caretaker - Sebastian Frye
A quiet, quirky and naturally creative individual, The Caretaker has been hired from his home in Toronto to facilitate The Community's undertaking. At times, the job seems peculiar, but his innate ability to go with the flow taking pleasure in general experience leaves him naive to the true reasons of this operation. As the character who has the most amount of screen-time and no verbal dialogue, the focus lies in his physical gestures and expressionistic nuances, communicating with the outside world only through letters and his intuition.

The Programmer - Mario Di Palma
Cool and concise The Programmer sits facing the piazza outside Caffè Cantina with an espresso - essentially he is running the show. Having handpicked The Caretaker and flown him to The Community's secluded location, he is determined that this bizarre operation will end in immense financial success. By effectively massaging the concept of the negated artifacts being worthy of historic and cultural value, he peaks the interests of Claudio and The Collectors who call this small village home.

The Community - Almar Freyr, Aron Snær Fannarsson, Elmar Jóhann Grétarsson, Egill Örn, Ásdís Birta Árnadóttir, Kristján Örn Róbertsson, Guðlaugur, Ómar Guðmundsson, Linda Rún Einarsdóttir, Birta Dögg Bessadóttir, Róbert Björn, Guðrún Rós, Úlfur Karlsson, Darr Tah Lei
Comprised of six people, The Community are directed to a secluded village taking only their most prized possessions to undergo a unique process of negating material consciousness. Adorning stylized meditation suits inside a carefully curated space specifically designed for focusing, The Community are poetically seen on screen in tableau vivant. They are never fully animated, however – their poses do change, presenting to the viewer new comforts of meditative control and psychic progress.

The Dealer - Mikela Jay
Having been in the business for over 25 years she is the owner of one of the most successful commercial galleries in Toronto. In order to bring a fresh vantage into her space she decides to hire a young curator to work full-time. Even though the relationship is new and still rocky, she trusts The Curator and is excited by her insatiable hunger for progressive art.

The Collectors - Luigi Tasciotti, Paolo Oliva
A close-knit group consisting of three Italian collectors who's main interests lie in the objects of high-culture. Along with Claudio these men have been privy to the insidescheme The Programmer has hatched upon The Community and are offered first-dibs on the newly negated artifacts. These men are pivotal to the purchasing and distribution of these newly-sought historic relics.

The Barista - Jessie James
The Barista has been living a nomadic lifestyle since the age of fifteen when she hastily left her English-speaking home. Her travels have spanned far and wide in Europe, the Middle East, India, South Asia, and South America - she now comfortably finds herself in the small town of Prossedi, Italy working at Caffè Cantina and sharpening her Italian. The Programmer instantly sets his morning and afternoon espressos at her place of work after seeing her in La Rocca, the local restaurant-bar. Weary of romance that dissipates as she so-often flees on her own whim, The Barista soon learns that this man desires her for more than just translating his conspicuous letters.

Claudio - Umberto Marchetti
Being the most aggressive and eccentric art and artifact collector in Italy while choosing to live on the outskirts of Rome, Claudio is naturally the ringleader of an assortment of other wealthy collectors who are based in Prossedi. Perhaps the most excited about this historic pursuit and the most engaged in The Programmer's grand scheme – he plays his cards just right so-as to ensure ownership over a handful of The Community's negated material possessions.

Secondary Characters
Teenage Boy - Perricle Pirri Female Friend - Mena Vehditti Woman - Andrea Gizzi The Bartender - Fabrizio Pirri The Assistant - Meghan O'Neill Older Woman - Mara Greco Rosselini - Lida Cerelli Mailman - Derek Guerin Older Man - Franco Greco Teenage Girl - Angela Folcarelli Woman Friend - Antonella Ronci Driver - Francesco De Persi Man 1 – Rufo Assunta Guest – Anthony Cimo Old Man – Antonio Trotta Barb – Barbara Lindenberg