The FIlm

b. 1987 Vancouver, CANADA
Returning to Vancouver in 2010 Boni expanded his artistic practice with performative involvement from five SFU dancers, writing and directing a piece titled Let's show them yellow light! (2010). Readily collaborating with artist Logan Sturrock on Scrap Gold (2010), he hosted a 3-day exhibition in his ground-level apartment. Upon moving to Toronto the art of filmmaking quickly enveloped him, founding nientenon Movement Productions, a film-production label that comfortably houses his art-house projects. In November 2011 Boni was accepted as an artist-inresidence at the Gibralter Point Artscape, writing his first feature film Dis-caract (2012) that he subsequently shot in February 2012 on Toronto Island. Couplings (2013), a short film shot in Whitehorse, Yukon and completed with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, furthered his collaborations with dancers, as well as stemming his collaboration with Absolutely Free member Moshe Rozenberg who created a breath-taking apocalyptic score. A slew of music videos for such bands as Doom Squad, Man Made Hill, Thom Huhtala, HVYWTR and Dear Suzy have been completed to-date. Chris Boni hopes to engage a wider audience with the upcoming feature Two Cares Due None, created in collaboration with fellow artist Melissa Fisher and scored by Michael Claxton and Moshe Rozenberg of Absolutely Free.

Melissa Fisher
b. 1984 Edmonton, CANADA
Melissa Fisher's practice lies within the realm of sculpture and site-specific installation. She uses basic shapes, geometries and colour to abstract personal realities into formulaic visuals. Since completing her BFA at OCAD University in 2008, she has become an active participant in the vibrant arts community of Toronto. Fisher has taken part in numerous group shows throughout the city, and has received a significant amount of press for her series of site-specific window installations including lately I've been wondering if you feel it too (2011, XPACE Cultural Centre). In 2012, Fisher participated in a two woman show FIFTY / FIFTY with Teresa Aversa at Sur la Montagne in Berlin, Germany and also received funding to execute her first solo exhibition BE BE PRESENT in Victoria, British Columbia. The beginning of 2012 brought Fisher to the Gibraltar Point Artscape for a three month residency where she met Chris Boni and worked on an installation / set decoration for the first scene of Dis-caract (2012). In the fall of 2013 she created her largest site-specific installation to date (lately, I've just been trying to find the balance) within the three storey West Stairwell of Artscape Youngplace. She has done installations / decor / art direction for music related events (The Long Winter Program, ALL CAPS! Island Music Festival, IMBOLC). For Two Cares Due None, created in tandem with filmmaker Chris Boni, Melissa Fisher propels her sculpture/installation practice into unfamiliar avenues through Art Direction and Production Design.