The FIlm


A Community suddenly address that their compulsive investment in material possessions is restricting their psychic state. Exiling themselves from their native land, a Programmer directs them to a secluded village where they stay in concentrated meditation surrounded by the objects they were instructed to bring.

A Caretaker has been hired to travel to this secluded location to extract the objects from The Community– employing them to transcend remembrance through negation. Other duties of his include transitioning their digestion of solids into that of vapors, taking frottage rubbings of their quizzical lifespan calendar (a LiteBrite mounted into a wall), creating an archive of the removed artifacts and general cleaning chores. Focused on this arranged act of negation while staying stoic and in a meditative trance, The Community succeed in relinquishing any sensibility concerned with material longing.

Using only his small office for storing the plethora of things which quickly amass over the coming months, The Caretaker continues to diligently follow the instructions sent to him by mail, signed: ‘Your Programmer’ – he is comically naïve to the true intentions of this curious job…

Cool and concise, The Programmer is simultaneously in conversation with a handful of Italian high-culture enthusiasts who have been persuaded that these “fresh on the market” objects are worthy of being regarded as highly unique historical relics – the first artifacts known to have transcended their owners’ cognitive authority.

Created in tandem and with stylistic potency Melissa Fisher and Chris Boni present Two Cares Due None, a feature film which endeavors to evoke a narrative from the objects that yearn to become akin to us.